Monday, October 09, 2006

Why moderates and Independents should consider voting for Andy Hurst

Recently, Craigs Musings publicly endorsed Andy Hurst for Congress, today he published a list of reasons on why moderates and independents should support Andrew Hurst this year even if they have voted for Davis in the past.

Included are...

* Tom Davis understands technology and its importance to the economy of Northern Virginia and has been instrumental in creating high paying jobs for the region;

Congressman Davis certainly has in-depth knowledge of the technology industry, especially as it pertains to northern Virginia. While it's probably a stretch to give him credit for igniting the region's technology boom, he has done some good work, especially in the area of government contracting.

But voters should know that Andy is well-versed in the needs of Northern Virginia's technology industry as well. In fact, he recently received the Young Lawyer of the Year award from the Bar Association in part for his pro-bono regulatory work on behalf of minority-owned technology start-ups. Rest assured that he'll work hard to bring high-paying, quality technology jobs to northern Virginia.

Head on over to Craig's Musings to read the rest.

Nate de la Piedra is the Online Outreach Coordinator for the Andrew Hurst for Congress 2006 Campaign. The ideas expressed herein belong to Nate de la Piedra and do not necessarily represent those of Andrew Hurst, his advisors, staff, or "The Campaign".

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AndreaC said...

While it is true that Davis claims to have done a lot for hi-tech in the region, don't forget about all the laptops stolen in the DC area. The reason they have so much information on them is many government agencies DO NOT have secure access. My agency, for example, has provisions for companies to submit applications electronically EXCEPT for a secure server. So applications have to come in on paper, and employees expected to work while on travel and from home still have to download confidential information to do the work. When the Treasury Dept got tired of waiting since 2001 for the $20 billion-dollar contract on a plan called Networx that Davis has been sitting on for years (and collecting lobbying money from the parties while he diddled) Davis threatened them with a consuming hearing by his committee. Meanwhile, people's identities are being stolen, and Feds can't work. So much for a hi-tech boon to the area. You know as well as I do that Andy won't let good legislation languish until all the lobbyists and PACs are dried up. That's what Davis does.