Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holy *&#!

WOW! Is all I really have to say. Tom Davis used to have this aura of invincibility, but not any more, his poll numbers must scaring the poop out of him. Look at his last financial report HERE Tom Davis has spent $2.6 MILLION. If he was so "safe" and at the same time thinking of running for Senate in '08, why would he be spending all his money now?

In 2004 he spent $1.8 Million, but at least $350,000+ went to other candidates (Federal $240,000 and VA State, $110,000 (Conveniently enough VPAP for “Friends of Davis – Tom” seems to be down, and only bad page on site, so I had to add up totals by hand meaning I could have missed some).

So in 2004, the most money that Davis could have spent on the race was $1.45 Million, a full $1.15 Million less then what he spent this year (with three weeks left when this last report was filed on 10/18), he must be Running Scared

For the record, this year he has only donated $3,100 to other candidates, a negligible amount.

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Bryan J. Scrafford said...

As much as his supporters would like to believe he isn't, Tom Davis has clearly displayed that he is at least worried that Andy will make the race close. Not only is Davis spending enormous amounts of money, but his ads are simply becoming more and more bizarre.

Yesterday, I received a mailing from the Davis campaign that claimed Andy was an " 'Out of this world'liberal" who "is a dangerous choice for Congress." It then goes on to ask "what plane is he from?" Well, I guess Davis missed the lecture in preschool that taught that humans are from planet Earth. But hey, when you have lobbyists paying for everything, you don't need too much of an education.

Andreac said...

Remember when Andy said it was only a mattter of time before the "songbirds" in jail on the Abramoff scandal started singing? Abramoff is cooperating, and Davis may be on FBI's list. I have a diary in progress that explains why this may not just be wishful thinking that he's finally caught with his hands in the cookie jar...

Nate de la Piedra said...

Bryan, you bring up an excellent point, doesn't Davis's religion teach that Humans were created by god, and that all life resides on earth?

Bryan J. Scrafford said...

I suppose Davis's ad implies that he believes you can ignore that aspect of his religion. But he probably wouldn't ultra conservative base to know that.