Friday, October 13, 2006

WaPo: Davis Runs From Bush Record

Lisa Rein of the Washington Post has written a new article about the Andrew Hurst campaign today, It Just Seems Like Bush Is in the Race in which it describes how Tom Davis is trying to run away from his record of supporting President Bush.

the Northern Virginia congressman looks as though he is running for his political life.
says the article

"Think of everything the administration has done," Hurst said. "Ninety percent of it, Tom Davis has supported. It's a perfect storm for a guy like me."

This is in fact true, according to the DCCC Davis has voted with President Bush 87% and with the House GOP leadership, 89% of the time. Yet Davis claims he’s a moderate, according to the article,
"I have my own identity," Davis said. "Time and again, I have stood up for the values of this region.
Davis, who lives in Vienna with his wife, state Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis (R-Fairfax), is quick to distance himself from the Bush administration on some issues. "I've been critical of the administration in many aspects of their conduct of the war,"

Mr. Davis you are no moderate, and your electorate realizes this!

For another great article about how Davis is towing the Bush line, please see, Hurst Campaign Recognizes Need For Change, Davis Remains Loyal to Bush

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totally said...

He is running for his politic life if he has to result to slick pieces that say this!

Trial Lawyer Andrew Hurst is an Extremist!

Kid you not - just got it in the mail Saturday.

Have you guys seen this one?

The Donkey said...

I would like to write an LTE about this, and would appreciate it if you could send a digital image of the flyer to me at:


The Donkey