Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is Davis Waiting For?

Andy is renewing his Call for Tom Davis to Demand Hastert's Resignation, below is the announcement.

Hurst Calls on Davis to Demand Hastert Resignation

Congressman Davis remains unwilling to call for the resignation of his Republican colleague, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, despite recent revelations that Hastert and members of his staff knew of inappropriate e-mails from Rep. Mark Foley to underage pages and did nothing.

In a recent statement Davis said, "If any members of Congress, leadership or rank and file, were involved in covering up knowledge of Mr. Foley's sexually explicit messages, they should step down immediately." (Chicago Sun Times, 10/4/06)

Hastert himself has admitted he was informed of the e-mails more than a year ago and House Majority Leader John Boehner recently told ABCNews that he told Hastert of the e-mails and was left with the impression it was being "dealt with."  Hastert took no action to investigate the situation.

"Congressman Davis issues a statement saying anyone involved in the cover-up should step down.  Hastert was involved in the cover-up.  Davis should call on Hastert to resign," said James Walkinshaw, Hurst's campaign manager.  "Every day that goes by without a strong call from Davis for Hastert's resignation is another day that Davis puts his allegiance to the Republican Party ahead of common sense and basic honesty."

"Unfortunately this type of situation is common-place in the current Congress.  This is yet another example of a win-at-all-costs culture where holding on to power is more important than doing the right thing," said Andrew Hurst.  "Davis should demand Hastert's resignation immediately."

Given his ties to Foley and to the Republican leadership, Tom Davis has a unique responsibility to speak out.

    * Davis is a former Chair of the NRCC and self-described "leader" in the Republican Congress.

    * Davis chairs the Government Reform and Oversight Committee with oversight responsiblity for all federal programs, including the Page program.

    * Mark Foley was a major contributer to the NRCC during Davis' Chairmanship and served as the NRCC's "bridge to Hollywood." (CQ, 10/2/06)

"We will continue to call on Davis to demand Hastert's resignation," said Walkinshaw.  "Andrew Hurst believes Congress should put children's safety and well-being ahead of the crass obsession with preserving power.  We're confident that Congressman Davis will eventually come around to that view as well."

Nate de la Piedra is the Online Outreach Coordinator for the Andrew Hurst for Congress 2006 Campaign. The ideas expressed herein belong to Nate de la Piedra and do not necessarily represent those of Andrew Hurst, his advisors, staff, or "The Campaign".

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