Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Andy Hurst at GMU

Andy was at GMU last night meeting with students and taking questions. I had to leave halfway through to attend a class, but here are a few reviews by other bloggers.

Although, let me tip my hat to the girl who had the courage to say "global warming isn't real" in a room full of liberal academics.

Melissa from Ditzy Democracts was way to busy to attend, but did so anyway, here's what she had to say. The Importance of Being Earnest- Andy Hurst at GMU Review-ish

In all seriousness, I found Andy's sense of optimism and sincerity and earnest-ness (? is that a word?) to be refreshing, his sense of reality to be a welcome change and his sense of humor to be superb. We need him in Congress, like, yesterday.

Brian Scrafford from Ambivalent Mumblings also has a great post up, Coverage of Andrew Hurst at GMU

As Andy stated last night, however, voters can trust that Congressman Hurst will work towards instituting campaign and lobbying reform, both of which are unfulfilled promises that were promoted by the Republican party in the mid '90s, and make sure that Congress puts the best interests of the American public before playing partisan politics. Furthermore, unlike Congressman Davis who is running for a 7th term -- despite previously advocating a 6 term limit-- Andy guaranteed that he would keep his promise to only serve six terms as a Member of the House of Representatives.

As I stated earlier, Andy was also asked about his views on the Republican lead Congress’s recent decision to cut higher education funding by $12.7 billion. As Andy pointed out in his answer, these cuts will result in the average student having to pay an extra $2,000 on student loans. With the cost of college already resulting in students facing enormous amounts of debt, an extra $2,000 ultimately means that there is even more unnecessary stress on students and those still paying off their loans. Since billions of dollars are being spent on the War in Iraq, however, Bush and the Republican lead Congress felt that this was a burden that students just had to pay.

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