Thursday, October 19, 2006

Davis: "Race is tight"

Yesterday, Tom Davis Admitted the race was tighting, according to

Davis, a Virginia Republican, acknowledged his own tight re-election campaign at a speech in Fairfax, Va., Thursday at the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association's annual Vision conference

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Anonymous said...

That is a big deal. Just a few months ago, Davis was referring to his opponent as a "midget" and a "goofball." Now the race is "tightening" and he's going negative - a sure sign! Go Andy!!!! Congress' approval rating is 16%! We can win this one.

Anonymous said...

you're grasping here, i think. but who knows.

what do the hurst internals show? i'd like to see some numbers so we really know what's going on as opposed to just reading speculation from one camp or the other.

Andrea said...

"Hurst internals?" Andy has released his poll results. Tom hasn't; he opened his bank account instead to buy ads in the DC market. That tells me Davis's own polls show him in a heck of a lot more trouble than last cycle. He does mention how much he likes construction projects like the bridge. Davis contributor Bechtel likes construction projects, too. Funny, though, Davis doesn't mention the wasteful contacts he's supposed to oversee for construction in Iraq and Afghanistan that made his donors rich without completing a single building properly. I also notice his ads don't remind voters that Davis signed the Schaivo petition.