Sunday, September 10, 2006

Virginia Blogger Makes a Difference!

You might have read Tom Davis Website Deceives the Public posted on Ambivalent Mumblings and cross posted on RaisingKaine.
In Case you missed it, here is a "nugget" from the diary.

After I discovered that the Washington Post hadn’t declared itself a member of “The Davis Team” for this election, I began to wonder how accurate the other “supporters” were. It turns out that not a single one of the organizations on Davis’s list of team members has declared itself a member of “The Davis Team” for the 2006 election cycle. (This is according to his website, which I accessed on the morning of September 10, 2006)

Well, it is now 11:27PM on Sunday September 10, 2006 and there is Only ONE listed group supporting Tom Davis. It is The National Federation of Independent Business.

Congratulations are in order to Bryan J. Scrafford and his blog Ambivalent Mumblings for bringing this to our attention, and forcing Tom Davis to come clean. Glad to see the Davis camp is at least reading progressive blogs and wanted to snip this one in the bud before it blew to a full scandal.


Anonymous said...

The NFIB? That's funny! That was where he was just offered a million-dollar-a-year job. I hope they would endorse him. :) Go Andy!

Nate de la Piedra said...

Yeah, but why take a million-dollar-a-year job when you can get a $14,000+ trip to Italy for free?

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. And don't forget, Jeannemarie went, too!