Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hurst Dominates Debate - Around the Horn

UPDATE Seems that even Georgia Blogs are picking up on this race.

Coverage of Debate Between Davis and Hurst

Analysis of Yesterday's Hurst v Davis Debate

Hurst vs. Davis: A Question of Character

Taking Down Tom Davis

GOTV has the Andrew Hurst press release in full Democrat Andrew Hurst Dominates Debate, Davis Unable to Defend Record

The Washington Post snoozer article

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Andrea said...

The Post article is a snoozer ... the commenters all seem unhappy about it. Here's a sample: After reading this story, I wasnt certain I had gone to the same debate your reporter allegedly covered. The feeling in the hall last night was that Tom Davis finally got taken to the woodshed, that Andrew Hurst administered a solid whipping in nearly every substantive area. On Congressional ethics, Hurst pointed out that Davis and the Republicans had perfected corrupt practices and that Davis, as Chairman of the Government Reform Committee, had failed dramatically with no meaningful reform--such as barring special interest paid trips--despite the deluge of scandals in this term. On Medicare part D, Hurst pointed out that the language was written by lobbyists that prohibits the government from negotiating prices with pharmaceutical companies at a cost of additional billions to the taxpayers. Davis defense was a lame, it is better than no drug benefit, and so forth. The Post again fails to be able to be objectively critical when it concerns Don Grahams buddy Tom Davis.

Andrea said...

Woo Woo! News Press:

Virginia's emerging ...“Creative Class” [is] well-educated, pragmatic, younger scientifically-based folk ranging from engineers to artisans who are critical thinkers and, above all, believe in fairness and equal justice.

That’s why Rep. Davis could face more problems than he might have originally thought, given that his district, the 11th, is not overwhelmingly lopsided in his favor to begin with and that he has an opponent who won the Democratic nomination last spring on the basis of his more strident opposition to the administration’s policies in Iraq.

Davis’ stated support for the Marshall-Newman Amendment, which would modify the Virginia constitution to deny rights to individuals seeking same-sex marriage among other things, could work against him within his new constituency of “Creative Class” voters that believe in equality and fairness for all.

In a raucous debate between Davis and Hurst Tuesday night in Fairfax County, over 200 Hurst backers filled the auditorium at the Fairfax County Government Center to offer their loud support for their candidates, agitating Davis in ways he never might have imagined months ago. Hurst pounded away at the fact that Davis, despite cutting a more moderate profile than many of his GOP colleagues nationally, still voted 90% of the time with the Bush administration.