Thursday, September 14, 2006

Conservatives say VOTE FOR HURST!!

Andrea Chamblee has once again written another excellent research diary (man I wish the campaign had More Loot so we could hire her full time). This time she wrote a diary Republicans Should Cut and Run from Congress; even the conservatives say so detailing how even the most staunch conservatives consider Tom Davis a failure of the worst kind.

While Democrat Andy Hurst has been calling on Davis to step down for a year, the most recent edition of the Washington Monthly has seven articles in which the seven prominent conservative authors explain why they're rooting for the home team to lose this year.

The authors are adding their collective voices to that of Newt Gingrich. Earlier this summer, the House Speaker from 1995-1999 listed remarkably similar complaints now being echoed by conservatives all over the country. The Father of the Republican “Contract With America” (and the husband of several wives) stood in a bipartisan crowd and announced some pithy advice for lawmakers who, in the current wave of scandal and personal enrichment on Capitol Hill, have confused the public interest with their personal interests:

All these complaints lead a path to Tom Davis. His signature is the only one on the subpoena of Terry Schiavo, he raked in hundreds of thousands from drug companies and millions from lobbyists and PACs, and he prevents the Government Reform Committee from cracking down on waste, fraud, and lobbyists influence. Even your conservative friends should vote for Andy Hurst.

I highly recommend you take a peek at Republicans Should Cut and Run from Congress; even the conservatives say so but even more importantly suggest you forward that link to your conservative friends.

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