Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Diebold Strikes Again



Anonymous said...

Um, Nate, much as I'd like to decry the Diebold systems, which I hate, this seems to be all Marylander incompetence and not some grand ploy on Diebold's part. It was the County folks who couldn't figure out that maybe they should show up with the cards BEFORE the polls opened and the State Bd. that didn't supply enough printers for the sign-in terminals.

Let's hold Diebold to account for the shady activity that they're ACTUALLY responsible for...there's more than enough without stretching to blame them for the incompetence of locals.

andreac said...

The county head of elections is a Republican and she was appointed by the Republican governor. Why one of the Bluest areas in the US would be overseen by a Repub is fishy to me. Ohio? Florida? Hello?

Nate de la Piedra said...

I'm just saying that whenever Diebold is used, crazy stuff tends to happen.

Anonymous said...

Nate, except that in this case, we know exactly why crazy stuff happened and it had nothing to do with Diebold.

Don't be one of the crazies; blame them when it's either clear they were involved in shenanigans or it's at least unclear as to what the cause was. IN THIS CASE, neither of those is true. It's clear that the shenanigans were incompetence on the part of local officials.

Andrea, a Republican is in charge of elections in one of the bluest counties in the state because her position is a politically appointed one and the Governor, as you're very well aware, is a Republican. Did you expect Bob Erhlich to appoint a Democrat? Will Martin O'Malley appoint a Republican to oversee Republican strongholds when he whups up on Ehrlich in two months? Of course not, and nor should he.

The real problem is that Maryland is screwy that way - so many incredibly important jobs in state government are political appointments and not trusted to career-service professionals. Makes for lots of patronage appointments for the Governor (and a powerful governor at that), but poor government for the state.

Again, let's focus on the real misdeeds not overstate (or completely mistate in this case) the facts and thus hurt our credibility. Keep on keepin' on.