Friday, September 22, 2006

Senator Tom Davis?

According to the Examiner, that is exactly what Tom Davis has in mind.

...too bad he won't be a sitting congressman in 2008, and it'll be harder to run.

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Andrea said...

Davis's Senate race is real cause for concern in this area. He will hve to change his votes to appease the downstate Virginians who will need a reason to trust someone from NOVA. Another voter noticed this, too:

"In the case of Mr. Davis, that is the only possible explanation for his seemingly tortured logic supporting Virginia’s Marshall-Newman Amendment on the ballot in November. Davis aspires to a U.S. Senate post himself and that presents him with the challenge of winning a primary in a state where its southern end-dominated Republican Party is notoriously right wing.

If passed, the Marshall-Newman constitutional amendment would be the first in the history of Virginia, the home of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, to actually take away rights to a whole class of persons. It bans gay marriage and in a second, even more contentious, paragraph extends the same prohibition to just about any contract between two non-married persons. Republican state legislators who authored the provision wanted to make the wording sufficiently broad that it would withstand a potential Supreme Court challenge on grounds it singles out a single group.

This week, Davis apparently didn’t know when he walked in to address a meeting of the Greater Falls Church, Virginia, Chamber of Commerce that the organization’s board of directors had previously taken an official stand against the amendment on grounds both of general social fairness and because it could negatively impact small businesses, in particular, that involve partnerships."

Hurst is really the pro-business candidate here. While the Enrons and Halliburtons need Davis's help to avoid Reform Committee investigations for their shenanigans, smaller businesses will benefit from the change. Hurst won the Young Lawyer of the Year in 2005 from the DC Bar for his work helping small businesses in the area thrive.