Monday, November 06, 2006

This IS What Democracy Looks Like!

Yesterday we caught wind that George Allen and Tom Davis were going to be having a rally at the Vienna Metro Station today at 7AM, so what happened? The Hurst campaign together with the Webb campaign and FCDC asked our supporters to be there to wave some signs and show Mr. Allen and Mr. Davis that this is not their turf and that they are not welcome here.

Read Raising Kaine's Account, Vienna Metro: Webb Supporters Out in Force; Allen Leaves in 5 Minutes for Lowell is a much better writer than I.

This morning, George Allen was scheduled to appear at Vienna Metro to greet commuters. Well, Allen showed up alright, but none of the 30-40 Webb/Hurst supporters there saw any evidence of Allen greeting commuters. Instead, Allen stayed for about 4 or 5 minutes, surrounded by his young white male supporters, and quickly hightailed it out of there without addressing the larger crowd.

Meanwhile, Frank Wolf stood next to Tom Davis, both looking miserable, with Frank Wolf occasionally checking his watch as if to say, "why the hell do I have to be doing this DEMOCRACY thing...ugh?" In contrast, Andy Hurst was his usual bubbly self, greeting anyone and everyone with a big smile on his face. The contrast between the unsmiling, unhappy, scared Republicans and the ebullient Democrats couldn't have been greater.

Wolf and Davis looking bored as almost all the Metro riders walk by without so much as a "hello".

AP Shot on the front page of
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Bryan J. Scrafford said...

For all the money Tom Davis pays to spread the word about how he's such an outgoing friendly guy, he seems to be awfully hesitant to actually talk to voters. In fact, he seems to be pretty comfortable associating himself with a long time partisan Republican instead of greeting his own constituents. It's funny how even spending millions and millions of dollars can't cover up the guy's true colors.

Anonymous said...

Webb is an asshole to boot and I look forward to voting against him in 2012. His supporters seem to be rather rude in this shot as well...but I've come to expect that from liberals over the years.